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Sort My Books – Irish Cloud Accounting Software

Xero – Beautiful Accounting Software

This software provides small and medium companies with the comfort that they are using a system that is written with the Irish laws and taxes in mind. Changes are made to comply with updates from Revenue and Company law.
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Xero has been taking the accounting and bookkeeping world by storm since 2006 growing to over 290,000 users worldwide. It is not by accident that it has been so successful. For the first time accounting is adapting, with the help of new technologies, from being a once a year at tax time review of the business performance to a dynamic tool of the business looking at how the business is performing in real time, giving the owner the opportunity to make changes to improve the business rather than react as was the case before this new technology.
If you are interested to find out more please contact us at 01 254 4778 now.